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If you want access to this journal, you need to add me as a friend. I do this because I would really prefer to not have young children reading my journal.... :) So just comment here, add me, and I'll add you back if you're of legal age. :)
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i found you via a post on crazy slutty.

may i be added perhaps?
sure :)
add me
add me first, I'll add you back
Hi, please add me as a friend age in profile
Add me first, then I'll add you back. :)
Just added you. Looking forward to reading.
You got it, Sugar. :)
Ya baby!
id love to be added
Add please, thanks!
Please read my profile (and journal posts if you wish) before deciding to add me. I don't want you to feel 'obligated' to add me as a friend. Please do it ONLY if you find ME 'attractive or interesting' is some way, ok? Thanks.